Requires data on chronic absenteeism be included on the School Report Card and public schools make efforts to combat chronic absenteeism

NJEA supports A-2352 (Vainieri Huttle, Muoio, Singleton, Caputo, Jasey)/ S-447 (Allen, Ruiz).  This bill requires that the number and percentage of chronically absent students, as defined by the Commissioner of Education, be included on the School Report Card.  It also requires that a school develop a corrective action plan to improve absenteeism rates which would include input from parents via a parental survey.  School findings would then be presented to the board of education annually.

Chronic absenteeism is a complex problem that affects a variety of districts.  We are particularly concerned with its impact on at-risk youth.  As New Jersey makes strides to address chronic absenteeism, NJEA hopes the State finds meaningful solutions to assist our most vulnerable students.

Moreover, while addressing chronic absenteeism in our schools is essential, we believe mandating a parental survey may not always be the best approach to achieve that goal.  Schools and educators should be allowed flexibility in how they choose to engage parents in developing their corrective action plans.  Still NJEA understands it is necessary that the State, schools, educators and parents work together to encourage regular school attendance and help students succeed.

NJEA asks you to vote “yes” on A-2352/S-447.

Text of bill A-2352

Text of bill S-447


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