A 4088

Establishes High School College Readiness Commission

NJEA supports A-4088 (Schaer, Jasey, Benson).  This legislation would establish a High School College Readiness Commission for the purpose of examining issues and developing recommendations to enhance student preparation for postsecondary education.

NJEA welcomes the opportunity to have a voice on the commission and to be able to speak to the issues that impact students and parents as they make the appropriate decisions for a postsecondary education.

We look forward to discussing subjects such as:

  • college admission requirements
  • financial responsibilities
  • courses needed to meet State and local graduation requirements
  • availability of dual enrollment programs
  • accessibility of advanced placement courses
  • financial literacy instruction including State and federal tuition assistance programs, grants, scholarships, student loan programs, and student loan debt responsibilities

The Commission would also look at ways to identify students who are at risk of not being-college ready by the time of high school graduation and the support services that are necessary to help students gain needed skills.

NJEA hopes to have the opportunity to discuss the options that need to be available to students who decide not to pursue college as a postsecondary pathway.  There are many students who can fulfill their potential by having the opportunity to enroll in vocational or trade schools.  NJEA appreciates the chance to serve as the voice for these students as well.

We urge you to vote YES on A-4088.

  • Text of bill


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