A 4363 S 2819

Nourishing Young Minds Initiative Fund

NJEA supports A-4363 (Taliaferro, Andrzejczak, Lampitt, Mosquera, Holley)/S-2819 (Sweeney, Ruiz, Lesniak) which creates the “Nourishing Young Minds Initiative Fund” in the Department of Agriculture to help pay for child food and nutrition programs in the State.  The non-lapsing revolving fund would be used by the Department of Agriculture to provide support and funding for the startup or expansion costs of “breakfast after the bell” and summer nutrition programs.

The goal of this legislation is to expand the participation of schools in the breakfast after the bell program, as well as summer nutrition programs, across the State.  The fund would help defray the costs of implementing these federal programs in low income districts.  Additionally, the fund would be used to inform communities about the availability of child nutrition programs in their schools and towns.

Research shows that when children come to school without breakfast their overall health and ability to learn suffers.  Having a nutritious meal to start the day helps students perform better academically, have better school attendance, and maintain good health.  NJEA believes that all students should have access to high quality and nutritious meals.

We urge you to vote “yes” on A-4363/S-2819.


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