A 5006 S 3329

Increases the fee charged by the State Police to process a State criminal history record background fingerprint check

NJEA opposes A-5006 (Schaer)/S-3329 (Sweeney) which increases the fee charged by the State Police to process a State criminal history record background fingerprint check.  The bill states that the current fee is $30 and should be increased to $45.  However, the actual fee according to the NJ DOE website is $62.70 which includes the mandated fee by law and other fees charged by the DOE including a “convenience” fee charged by the vendor.

While NJEA supports records checks on perspective employees, we feel if the State mandates the fee, the State or the employer, should pick up the cost.  This fee is just one of many fees paid in order to become a school employee.  Here are the other fees perspective employees and active employees must pay:

  • Standard certificate (CE)-$170;
  • Emergency certificate-$95;
  • Each substitute credential-$125;
  • Renewal of an emergency or provisional certificate – $70;
  • For each name change in the certification system – $20;
  • For each evaluation of credentials to determine eligibility to take a particular State certification examination or to obtain information concerning qualifications for certification – $70;
  • For each standard certificate issued without a prior provisional certificate – $95;
  • For each certificate that requires a test, a one-time test score service fee – $20;
  • For each letter the Office sends in response to a candidate’s written request to verify test scores no longer available from the testing company – $25;
  • An application fee for a qualifying academic certificate pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:6-41 – $30;
  • Upon completion of a State-approved administrator residency program, a one- time administrative fee – $200; and
  • Upon completion of a Commissioner-approved CE educator preparation program for holders of an instructional CE, a one-time administrative fee – $100

The State Board may establish a fee schedule for services related to the issuance of certificates that includes, but is not limited to, fees charged by district boards of education to provisional teachers to pay for their training.  Which means fees are also paid for surcharges and outside vendors.  The fee schedules above shall be in addition to any tuition and fees for courses and credits offered in connection with State-approved educator preparation programs and assessments required for certification.  In addition, districts also require fees such as the summative rating fee which may be waived in regulation, but are not waived by many districts.

Here are some other examples of fees paid by school employees:

  • Mentoring costs for provisional teachers
  • Praxis Core $90 per individual subtest or $150 for combined test
  • Parapro $55 + location premium (if applicable)
  • Praxis Educational Leadership: Administration & Supervision (ELAS) $120
  • Praxis Elemementary Education: Content Knowledge $120
  • Praxis Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects $60 per individual subtest or $170 for combined test
  • Praxis General Science: Content Knowledge $120
  • Praxis Mathematics: Content Knowledge $120
  • Praxis Middle School Mathematics $120
  • Praxis Social Studies: Content Knowledge $120
  • Praxis Special Ed: Core Knowledge & Mild to Moderate Applications $146
  • Praxis PLT: Grades K-6 $146

NJEA urges you to vote “no” on A-5006 (Schaer)/S-3329 (Sweeney).  It is just simply another “tax” on those who work or seek employment in schools.


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