The New Jersey Assembly made history when it held the first remote legislative session Wednesday, March 25.  Perhaps you can offer them some tips!  The Senate has not yet scheduled a similar voting session, but they plan to soon.

The Assembly session, done by phone, was about Covid-19 bills, including a similar bill to the one they already passed about remote instruction, but also including hourly employees not covered by a CBA.

The legislature also took up a bill, A-3902, that would give the state the power to allow municipalities to extend deadlines for payment of property taxes and disbursing the county and school district share of the property tax levy.  NJEA is joining with the Association of Counties and the School Boards Association in opposing this bill, as it could delay needed payments to school districts.  Our position statement is here:

As I mentioned earlier, the Senate has not yet scheduled a voting session, so we do not know when yesterday’s bills will be considered in the Senate.  Rest assured, we are closely monitoring what is happening in the legislature, but due to the unique circumstances of Covid-19, the legislature is often introducing and voting on bills simultaneously.


You probably all know by now, but there will be no statewide assessment this year.

Want details about the economic stimulus?

The pension fund is, of course, being impacted by the current pandemic, but the state still plans to make its payments.

That’s about it for now.  Stay safe everyone, and wash your hands.


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Results from Wednesday, March 26

All bills included, even the ones NJEA is not following:

  • A3900/S2304 – Concerns family leave and disability benefits during epidemic-related emergencies. (Monitor) (Passed both houses; signed into law by Governor)
  • A3901 – Permits professional and occupational licensing boards to reactivate licensure of certain individuals during state of emergency or public health emergency.
  • A3902 – Permits extension of certain deadlines applicable to local government units under emergency circumstances. (Oppose as written)
  • A3903 – Allows remote notarial acts during Public Health Emergency and State of Emergency declared by Governor in Executive Order 103 of 2020.
  • A3904 – Permits use of virtual or remote instruction to meet minimum 180-day school year requirement under certain circumstances. (Support)



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