A 5037

Decreases waiting period to expunge entire juvenile record from five to three years

NJEA supports A-5037 (Muoio, Mukherji, Green, Chiaravalloti, Holley, Wimberly) which reduces the waiting period for the expungement of an entire juvenile criminal record from five to three years.  Under current law, individuals with a juvenile delinquency record must wait for five years to elapse from the time they were released from custody or supervision to apply for expungement of their entire record.  This legislation would reduce that timeframe to only three years.

Minor criminal offences committed at a young age can result in long-term stigma and denied opportunities.  By reducing the waiting period for the expungement of a juvenile criminal record to three years, young offenders will have fewer barriers and more opportunities to grow positively in society.  Ultimately, the successful reentry of juvenile offenders is critical to both their schools and communities.

NJEA urges you to vote “yes” on A-5037.


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