A 542

Requires Opioid Antidote in Schools

NJEA supports S-1830 (Ruiz, Bateman/A-542 (Mazzeo, Lagana).  This bill requires that all public and nonpublic schools in New Jersey develop a policy for the emergency administration of an opioid antidote to an individual who is experiencing an overdose. It further requires schools that include any of the grades nine through 12 to obtain a standing order for opioid antidotes and to maintain a supply in a secure and easily accessible location.

Under this bill, the school nurse would have the primary responsibility for the administration of an opioid antidote, but the school district must also designate additional employees who volunteer to administer the antidote when the school nurse is not on the scene.

NJEA believes this legislation is needed in light of the proliferation of opioid abuse across the state and country.  It is important that all schools address this issue with the help of guidelines form the New Jersey Department of Education and the Department of Human Services.  Access to this medication can reverse the fatal effects of a drug overdose and should be available in schools, just as it is available to law enforcement and others on the front lines of public service.

We ask that you support S-1830/A-542.

Text of bill A-542

Text of bill S-1830


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