A 1711 S 875

Establishes the Sexual Assault Victim’s Bill of Rights

NJEA Supports A-1711 (Vainieri Huttle, Munoz, Murphy)/S-875 (Sweeney, Greenstein). This bill would put in place practices and procedures to provide the care and treatment needed by survivors and to ensure their safety and support in the wake of assaults that can cause physical and emotional trauma.

Inequality, oppression, and discrimination are the root causes of sexual violence, research indicates.  What’s more, victims of sexual assault should be given the right to have allegations treated seriously and with dignity and compassion.

The bill would also require that these rights be included in the Attorney General’s Standards for Providing Services to Victims of Sexual Assault, posted in all SART participating emergency rooms, law enforcement agencies, and sexual violence service organizations.

For these reasons, NJEA asks that you vote “YES” on A-1711/S-875.

Text of bill A-1711

Text of bill S-875


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