A 3902

Permits extension of certain deadlines applicable to local government units under emergency circumstances

A 3902 (Wimberly, Coughlin, Armato, Scharfenberger)  NJEA opposes A3902.  We are very aware that the current pandemic has triggered an economic crisis that is likely to have ripple effects at every level of government.  We appreciate the magnitude of the moment, but cannot support this legislation.

 Unfortunately, this bill is making the problem worse.  Once the text of the bill became available, we began hearing almost immediately that municipalities would be able to avoid paying tax money owed to school districts.  This bill is creating panic at all levels of government and causing fear and anxiety among school employees.

The language of the bill gives little comfort to alleviate these rightful fears.  The bill has no standards by which a deferral could be granted.  The bill provides no timelines or limitations on how long a deferral could last.  And—most importantly—the bill fails to provide any mechanism to address the expected shortfall that the bill itself would create for other levels of government.

Instead of creating fear and anxiety, we should wait for the federal stimulus package that may alleviate some of the financial strains of the current crisis.

We look forward to working together during these unprecedented times.

NJEA urges you to OPPOSE A3902.


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