A 3926

Requires public schools to administer written screenings for depression for students in certain grades

A3926 (Conaway, Lampitt, Murphy) NJEA supports this bill, but remains concerned about its implementation.  Addressing student mental health is imperative.  However, there are not enough mental health professionals in schools today.  If we are to truly take care of students, we need to ensure that schools have both the resources to appropriately screen students and to address the problems these screenings could uncover.  While the bill addresses post-screening care by providing a list of resources to parents, in-network behavioral health care is often limited and difficult to find.  Without the funding to ensure the appropriate resources in schools and communities, we will not be adequately addressing student mental health.

NJEA asks you to SUPPORT A3926, but consider funding additional mental health professionals in schools.

Text of bill


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