A 4132

Concerns benefits and leave provided to workers

A 4132 (Taliaferro).  The federal CARES Act provides an unprecedented level of federal funding for states and workers hard hit by the pandemic.  New Jersey is in the unenviable position of having the second highest number of cases nationally and, as a result, faces momentous fiscal challenges in the near term. This bill would ensure that New Jersey can take full advantage of federal funding while protecting the rights and benefits of NJEA members.  While nothing about the current situation is ideal, this bill represents a pragmatic approach that balances the needs of the state, our school districts, and our public employees, to maximize much-needed federal funding. What’s more, the bill respects collective bargaining by requiring local consent and negotiations over its implementation. NJEA appreciates the opportunity to work with the sponsors on ensuring that this collaborative approach between the union and management is available for our members.

NJEA asks that you SUPPORT A 4132.



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