A 4446 S 2861  A 4592 S 3081

Requires health curriculum for public school students in grades kindergarten through 12 to include instruction on mental health

NJEA supports A-4446 (Shaer, Downey, Benson)/S-2861 (Corrado, Codey, Vitale), and A-4592 (McKeon, Mukherji, Downey)/S-3081 (Codey, Vitale).  These bills require school districts to provide instruction on mental health in the school curriculum.  Students’ mental health is as important as physical health, and as such, should be part of health education.  Mental health needs to be taught in a developmentally appropriate way, and school districts can decide, based on their curriculum needs, where to incorporate this topic.

The New Jersey State Board of Education adopted the first set of curriculum standards in 1996, and is the body responsible for approving curriculum standards.  These standards must be updated every five years, and can be updated more often if needed.  Mental health is already incorporated into the New Jersey Student Learning Standards in Health and Physical Education and the Department of Education is currently in the process of review of these standards, rendering this bill unnecessary.

NJEA supports these bills.

Text of bill A-4446

Text of bill S-2861

Text of bill A-4592

Texte of bill S-3081


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