A 455 S 1149

Student Loan Ombudsman

NJEA supports A-455 (Schaer, Quijano, Mukherji, Holley, Danielsen)/S-1149 (Cunningham, Brown).  NJEA represents faculty and staff at our Community Colleges in N.J. and we also have an active group of student NJEA members.  These student NJEA members are future educators and are very concerned about the current cost of college tuition and the issues faced after college paying for loans.

Under the bill the ombudsman will:

  • receive, review, and attempt to resolve any complaints from student loan borrowers;
  • compile and analyze data on student loan borrower complaints;
  • assist student loan borrowers to understand their rights and responsibilities;
  • provide information and make recommendations to the public, agencies, legislators, and others regarding the problems and concerns of student loan borrowers;
  • analyze and monitor the development and implementation of federal, State, and local laws, regulations, and policies relating to student loan borrowers;
  • review the complete student education loan history for any student loan borrower who has provided written consent for review;
  • disseminate information concerning the availability of the Student Loan Ombudsman to assist student loan borrowers and potential student loan borrowers; and
  • regulate student loan services.

At a time when predatory lending is on the rise and college costs are skyrocketing, this bill provides an advocate for our students from all walks of life.  A place for them and their families to turn to when the private lenders turn their backs.

NJEA urges you to vote “yes” on A-455/S-1149.

Text of bill A-455

Text of bill S-1149


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