A 5827 S 371

Establishes two-generational school readiness and workforce development pilot program for certain low-income households.

NJEA supports A-5827 (Jasey, Caputo)/S-371 (Rice, Brown).  This bill creates a five-year two-generational school readiness and workforce development pilot program, to foster family economic self-sufficiency in low-income households.  The pilot, which would be located in municipalities with a poverty rate at least twice the statewide rate, would deliver academic job readiness support services across two generations in the same household.

The pilot will be established in the Department of Education, and serve as a model to deliver these services on a statewide basis. It will be overseen by an interagency working group that will include representatives of the legislature, executive agencies, low-income individuals from the municipalities, and business and academic professionals.  The pilot program will include services such as adult education, child care, job training, housing, transportation, and other support services.

Breaking the cycle of poverty for families needs to look at multiple generations, not just one.  Assisting low-income families across two generations will help families succeed economically going forward which will lead to better outcomes for children, parents, and the society as a whole.

NJEA asks that you support A-5827/S-371.

Text of bill A 5827

Text of bill S 371


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