S 253 / A 841

Provides for establishment of county college certificate programs to meet needs of certain regional employers

NJEA supports S-253 (Andrzejczak, Van Drew)/ A-841 (Land, Andrzejczak, and Calabrese.)  This bill directs the New Jersey Community College Consortium for Workforce and Economic Development to consult with county colleges to develop certificate programs that connect regional employers and county colleges to develop programs that meet the employers’ needs.

The programs that the county colleges develop must target businesses and industries in the region that need to hire employees with skills not being provided through other avenues.  The employer will develop the curriculum to ensure the program provides the knowledge and skills the employer needs in its employees.  The employer will be able to screen candidates for the program to ensure candidates would be a good fit.  The county colleges will provide the faculty and facilities for the certificate programs, although classes may be held on-site at the employers’ business.

This bill is a win-win for employers, community colleges, and individuals who wish to be trained for jobs.  Employers will expand their pool of employees and colleges will train them, while individuals will be able to receive training for new jobs.

NJEA asks you support A-841 / S-253.

Text of bill A-841

Text of bill S-253



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