LAT – February 2021

I. Welcome

A. LAT Member Information Card
B. GR Division Contacts

II. State Legislative Update

    1. Immediate Action Needed
      i. Vaccine Take Action
      1. Vaccine Guidance 
      ii. Standardized Assessment Take Action
      1. Shareable Take Action

III. COVID Legislation Take Action

    1. Legislative Resources can be found at
    2. LD Locator 
    3. Legislative Roster

IV. 2021 Election Cycle

    1. Race for Governor and all 120 seats in the Senate and Assembly
    2. Dates to Remember 

V. Federal Update

    1. President Biden’s COVID package – NEA Take Action
    2. Secretary of Education Nomination

VI.  Winter Leadership Conferences: Virtual and Open to All

A. The dates and registration deadlines for the conferences are:

  1. WLC II – Saturday, Feb., 20, 2021 (deadline Feb. 10, 2021)
  2. WLC III – Saturday, March 6, 2021 (deadline Febr. 24, 2021)