LAT – March 2021

I. Welcome

A. LAT Member Information Card

II. State Legislative Update

    1. Governor Murphy 2022 State Budget – Investing in Our Schools
    2. Legislator Meetings – Post-Pandemic Education
    3. NJEA Vaccine FAQ
      i. NJEA Spring 2021 Travel Advisory
    4. Standardized Assessment Advisory
      i. Support New Jersey’s Testing Waiver – Take Action
    5. edTPA NJEA Position Statement
      i. NJEA Preservice Anecdotal Experiences

III. 2021 Election Cycle

    1. Race for Governor and all 120 seats in the Senate and Assembly
    2. Review of NJEA PAC-Endorsement Process training – Wednesday, March 24 register here
    3. Dates to Remember 

IV. Federal Update

    1. President Biden’s COVID package – NEA Take Action
    2. Miguel Cardona Confirmed as U.S. Secretary of Education

V.  On the Horizon

    1. PAC is Power resources