Yesterday the Senate held its first remote voting session, to vote on several Covid-19 related bills.  This was followed later in the day by the Assembly’s remote voting session, its second.

Both were done by telephone, which didn’t allow for much discussion.  However, a bill to give healthcare workers immunity from any claims while treating Covid-19 caused some dissent in both houses.  And in the Assembly, Assemblyman Jay Weber made a motion to overturn the governor’s decision to close all parks, which the Assembly quickly voted down.

While neither house took up A-3902, the bill that would allow municipalities to delay paying school districts and counties their portion of the tax levy, both houses passed the bill to allow remote instruction days to count toward the 180-day requirement.  In addition, both houses passed bills to change the date of the 2020 primary election and to move the state budget and tax filing deadline.

While the tax filing deadline has been pushed back to July 15, Politico reporter Matt Friedman reported Steve Sweeney as saying he doesn’t believe the state will push back the May 1 property tax deadline, but he hopes towns will waive or reduce interest penalties for late property tax payments.


It’s time to get our bills moving in the Assembly!  The Senate passed bills to provide job justice for ESPs and relief from Chapter 78; now we need you to e-mail your Assembly members and ask them to do the same.



  • Need information on testing, evaluation, and tenure?  Go to and scroll down to PD guidance.  You will find guidance on grading policies, educator observation and evaluation, and assessment.
  • has additional information, including resources on distance learning and remote instruction, member benefits, and social/emotional health.
  • At this point, I have sent details about where to access good information on the coronavirus more than once.  If you want me to include anything next time, just let me know!


  • A3904/S2337 – Permits use of virtual or remote instruction to meet minimum 180-day school year requirement under certain circumstances. (Support) (Passed in both houses and sent to governor)
  • A3913/S2374 – Concerns family leave benefits during epidemic-related emergencies. (Monitor) (Passed in both houses and sent to governor)
  • A3914 Provides for employment, retention, and benefits during public health hazard posed by coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) of certain public employees. (Monitor) (Passed in Assembly)
  • A3918/S2338 – “COVID-19 Fiscal Mitigation Act”; clarifies filing and payment deadline for CBT and GIT taxpayers, modifies duration of State Fiscal Years 2020 and 2021, requires certain updates and presentation for State Fiscal Years 2020 and 2021. (Monitor) (Passed in both houses and sent to governor)
  • A3922/S2349 – Changes date of 2020 primary election from June 2 to July 7. (Monitor) (Passed in both houses and sent to governor)
  • A3943/S2357 – Requires hospitals to report COVID-19 demographic data. (Monitor) (Passed in both houses and sent to governor)
  • S2329 – Revises requirements for cash assistance benefits under Work First New Jersey program; appropriates $25 million. (Monitor) (Passed in Senate)
  • S2356 – Provides relief to students receiving State financial aid to address special circumstances due to 2020 health state of emergency. (Monitor) (Passed in Senate)


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