Political Action Guide: What does NJEA fight for?

To help students be successful and ensure schools have the funding they need to maintain and improve their quality,

NJEA supports:

  • Ensuring that contracts between school districts and our local associations are honored.
  • Full-day preschool.
  • Universal full-day kindergarten.
  • Smaller class sizes, especially in earlier grades.
  • Release time for parents to attend school functions.
  • Healthy, safe and modern schools.
  • Accountability standards for all public schools.
  • Expansion of public school choice options.
  • Human and civil rights, and social, racial and economic justice.
  • Ensuring schools are not for profit.
  • Ensuring public funds are used only for public schools.
  • Equitable funding for economically stressed school districts.
  • Adequate state funding for regular education programs.
  • Aid for facilities and debt service.
  • Funding for programs for at-risk and high-needs students.
  • During the pandemic, NJEA is fighting for:
  • Resources to ensure educators and students can safely return to school
  • Priority access to vaccines for educators
  • Ensuring access to digital tools for students and staff
  • Resources to address learning interruptions because of the pandemic

To ensure an outstanding education for every student while preserving a high-quality workforce,

NJEA supports:

  • A fair evaluation system that relies on multiple measures of student progress.
  • Expanded opportunities and rights for educational support professionals.
  • Educator-driven professional development for certified and support staff.
  • Two-year, state-funded mentoring for novice teachers.
  • A defined benefit pension plan in retirement, as it is part of a school employee’s compensation.
  • Collective bargaining at the local level.
  • Access to excellent health care for employees, with any premium-sharing subject to local bargaining.
  • Local control over decisions that affect schools and communities.