A 2365 A 2368
A 2365: Requires Department of Agriculture to engage in public education campaign to educate parents and guardians of students about existing and expanding school meals program options in New Jersey
A 2368: Requires schools to provide free school breakfasts and lunches to students from working class, middle-income families; designated as “Working Class Families’ Anti-Hunger Act.”

A 2365 (Danielsen, Giblin, Jaffer), A 2368 (Coughlin, Lampitt, Jasey) NJEA believes that no student should go hungry. Children who are hungry in school cannot achieve their best socially, emotionally, or academically. By making students from working-class, middle-income families eligible for breakfast and lunch free of charge, New Jersey will ensure that more students are fed and ready to learn throughout the year. Additionally, educating families about school meal programs will help increase awareness among parents and guardians. These bills are an important step toward making sure all students have access to nutritious meals.

We urge you to support A 2365 A 2368.