S 464: Revises conditions for use of virtual or remote instruction to meet minimum 180-day school year requirement

S 464 (Sacco, Lagana) While NJEA is not taking a position on this bill, we do have concerns about equity and parents’ ability to help their children. The pandemic revealed the disparity in technology around the state. Not all students and staff have capable devices at home, even two years into this pandemic. Not all towns have adequate and reliable internet connectivity across the entire municipality, so in some districts, some students will fully be able to participate in a virtual snow day while others won’t have the same experience. This will also place an extra burden on parents who, while they may already have to scramble for child care when school is closed, will have to scramble even more to find care that can help kids attend virtual school, especially young children and special needs students. It’s one thing to find care or work from home when a child can watch tv, play games, or play outside with friends. It’s another thing to find care or work from home when young children or special needs children need help getting on virtual school and completing their work.