A 1833 S 1000

Requires health benefits coverage for juvenile depression screenings.

NJEA supports S-1000 (Vitale) / A-1833 (Lampitt, Jiminez, Holley, Vainieri Huttle). This bill would require health benefits coverage for juvenile depression screenings.  Although NJEA opposed this bill in the past because it mandated coverage in the School Employees Health Benefits Plan (SEHBP), we believe in the importance of mental health for children.  This does not change the fact that changes to the SEHBP should not be mandated by the legislature.

We maintain that according to P.L. 2011, Chapter 78, Plan Design Committee is the body with the authority to make changes to the SEHBP.   The law states:  “The committee shall have the responsibility for and authority over the various plans and components of those plans, including for medical benefits, prescription benefits, dental, vision, and any other health care benefits, offered and administered by the program. The committee shall have the authority to create, modify, or terminate any plan or component, at its sole discretion. Any reference in law to the School Employees’ Health Benefits Commission in the context of the creation, modification, or termination of a plan or plan component shall be deemed to apply to the committee.”

Nonetheless, mental health services are so important for children that we support this bill.  Juvenile depression screenings will help identify children who need services.

NJEA supports this bill and asks that you do the same.

Text of bill A-1833

Text of bill S-1000


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