S 1055

Requires full-day kindergarten in all school districts and establishes uniform age requirement for enrollment in kindergarten

NJEA supports S-1055 (Turner, Ruiz).  This bill would require full-day kindergarten in all school districts across the state and establish a uniform cut-off date for enrollment.

NJEA has long supported full-day kindergarten.  Research demonstrates that money spent on high-quality early childhood learning has long-term academic, economic, and social benefits that are realized well into adulthood.  Full-day kindergarten contributes to increased school readiness and helps to narrow the achievement gap between groups of students.

While the majority of districts have full-day kindergarten, there are still districts that only have half day.  This bill will guarantee all children in New Jersey public schools have access to full-day programs in their school district, rather than paying for private programs that might not articulate their curriculum with a local school district’s.

We ask that you support S-1055

Text of bill


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