S 1790 A 2903

 Concerns law regarding failure to pay wages

 NJEA supports S-1790 (Weinberg)/A-2903 (Quijano, Lampitt, DeAngelo). This bill would strengthen New Jersey’s laws to protect employees from wage theft.

Current law fails to provide enough protections for workers against wage theft by unscrupulous employers.  Employees that suffer wage theft are faced with the prospect of unpaid bills or worse due to no fault of their own.  All employees deserve the agreed-upon pay for the time worked.

By increasing enforcement procedures, the state will assist workers aggrieved by violations of laws regarding the payment of wages.  Unprincipled employers should face strong civil, criminal, and administrative sanctions for failing to pay wages.

These stronger penalties will help protect workers and discourage wage theft by employers.

For these reasons, NJEA urges you to vote “yes” on S-1790/A-2903.

Text of bill S-1790

Text of bill A-2903



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