S 2709 A 2294

Expands civil rights protections to include breastfeeding and expressing milk

NJEA supports S-2709 (Weinberg, Ruiz)/A-2294 (Vainieri Huttle, Andrzejczak, Muoio, Lampitt, Mukherji, McKnight) which would expand certain civil rights protections under the “Law Against Discrimination” to include breastfeeding and expressing milk or related medical conditions.  According to this legislation, it would be a civil rights violation for a working woman to be fired or otherwise discriminated against because of breastfeeding or expressing breast milk during breaks.  Furthermore, an employer would be required to provide reasonable break time and a suitable location for an employee to express breast milk in private.

As an organization that is 78 percent female, NJEA has always supported equality in the workplace.  Likewise, we are committed to advancing the human and civil rights of all people, including our members, students and their families.  Expanding New Jersey’s anti-discrimination laws to include breastfeeding and expressing milk will ensure that new mothers are treated fairly in the workplace and can provide the necessary nutrition for their babies.

NJEA urges you to vote “yes” on S-2907/A-2294.


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