S 2804 A 4310

Requires young children entering public schools or Head Start Programs for first time to have comprehensive eye examination completed.

NJEA supports S-2804 (Ruiz, Turner)/A-4310 (Lopez, McKnight, Verrelli.)  These bills would require children entering a public school or head start program age six and under to have a comprehensive eye exam completed by January 1, unless a child had an exam that had been completed within a year prior to enrollment.

A comprehensive eye exam is important for children to receive.  While pediatricians perform vision screenings, this screening does not diagnose common problems such as lazy eye or eye coordination.  Undiagnosed vision problems which could be easily corrected can later be misdiagnosed as learning disabilities, costing schools additional money unnecessarily.

Studies show that children who have eye exams do better in school, as those who need glasses and other vision correction receive it.  These bills help both the students and schools.

NJEA asks that you vote yes on these bills.

Text of bill S 2804   (Please note that A-4310 is identical to S-2804).



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