S 2832 

Allows student enrolled in institution of higher education who has completed 30 semester-hour credits to serve as substitute teacher

S 2832 (Ruiz) While NJEA understands the intent of this legislation is to address the shortage of available substitute teachers and create a pathway for increasing diversity in the education workforce, we are requesting an amendment to S2832. Decreasing the minimum semester hour credits a substitute teacher credential candidate must have completed at an accredited institution of higher education from 60 credits to 30 credits may result in substitute teachers that have only recently graduated from high school. Many high school students obtain college credits through dual enrollment and advanced placement courses to provide a head start in their college careers and graduate with over 30 credits. We need to ensure that these students are not eligible to serve as substitutes in the schools where they just graduated. As a result, we ask that the bill be amended to include a minimum age requirement of 20 years to serve as a substitute teacher. We thank you for your consideration of this amendment.


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