S 2885 A 3396

NJEA supports S-2885 (Addiego, Rice) / A-3396 (McKnight, Chiaravalloti, Pintor Marin, Holley, Wimberly, Quijano).  This legislation would direct the State Board of Education to require that school districts incorporate financial literacy instruction to students enrolled in grades kindergarten through eight.

NJEA recognizes that students should have an understanding of the basic financial literacy needed to make sound financial decisions.  Students are already receiving much of this instruction through lessons designed around 21st Century Life and Careers Income and Careers Standards instruction that currently exist in the Core Curriculum Content Standards for financial literacy. S-2885 / A-3396 insures that curriculum reflects this.

NJEA asks you to vote YES on S-2885 / A-3396.

Text of bill S-2885

Text of bill A-3396


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