S 3258 A 4710

Strengthening “Gifted and Talented Education Act”; establishes school district responsibilities in educating gifted and talented students

NJEA supports S-3258 (Beach, Turner)/A-4710 (Lampitt, Zwicker, Vainieri Huttle).  This bill would codify the requirement included in NJAC 6A that boards of education ensure that appropriate instructional adaptations and educational services are provided to gifted and talented students in kindergarten through grade 12.

While administrative code has a requirement for education for gifted students, it is vague and may not assure an appropriate education for gifted learners in grades K-12. This law will provide information about a student’s consideration for services as part of the student’s permanent record, require information about gifted education on the LEA’s website, and will define a process for complaints, as well as requiring reporting of data surrounding the education of gifted students.

Exceptional students fall on two ends of the spectrum and gifted students often do not receive the services they are due.  This bill begins to address that concern.

NJEA asks that you support A-4710.

Text of bill S-3258

Text of bill A-2710



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