S 705

Transgender Equality Task Force

NJEA supports S-705 (Ruiz, Vitale) which would establish the Transgender Equality Task Force to assess legal and societal barriers to equality and provide recommendations to the Governor and Legislature.  The task force would consist of 17 members and provide a written report outlining recommendations on how to ensure equality and improve the lives of transgender individuals, with particular attention to the following areas: healthcare, long-term care, education, higher education, housing, employment, and criminal justice.

NJEA believes in the equality of all individuals.  We are committed to the human and civil rights of all people, including our members, students, their families and the communities in which they live.  Raising awareness of the challenges transgender individuals face in our society is critical, so that any barriers to their equality can be eliminated.  NJEA has always sought to increase respect, understanding, acceptance, and sensitivity toward all individuals and groups in our diverse society.

NJEA urges you to vote “yes” on S-705.

Text of bill


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