A 1997 S 775

Establishes Tuition Aid Grant Study Commission to examine New Jersey’s Tuition Aid Grant Program and make recommendations regarding improvements to program.

NJEA supports A-1997 (Sumter, Caride, Vainieri Huttle)/S-775 (Cunningham, Sacco).  This bill would establish Tuition Aid Grant (TAG) Study Commission.  The study commission, which is supposed to make recommendations to the program, consists of 10 members, and is tasked with looking at many issues surrounding the amount of money students receive in TAG grants, as well as appropriations for the grants.

TAG grants have helped many New Jersey students afford college.  The program, fairly unique among the states, needs to be examined to see how it can be improved.

NJEA supports these bills

Text of bill A-1997

Text of bill S-775


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