S 993 A 631 S2303 A4140

Concerns subcontracting agreements entered into by public school districts and county colleges

S993 (Greenstein, Singleton)/A631 (Caputo, Jasey, Dancer)  S2303 (Bucco, Singleton)/A4140 (Freiman, Lopez, Zwicker) These two bills provide long overdue fairness and job justice to Educational Support Professionals (ESPs).  ESPs are essential to providing the very best learning environment for students in our public schools.  Despite this critical role in our public education system, ESPs do not receive the same treatment under law as other school staff.  These bills would remedy a long-overdue unfairness for these essential school employees.

Specifically, S993/A631 would remedy the unequal treatment under law by allowing just cause arbitration on all matters affecting ESP working conditions, such as discipline, withholding of increments, non-renewal, and dismissal.  S993/A631 would allow ESP members in our public schools and county colleges to receive the recognition and respect that they deserve as essential members of our public education system.

S2303/A4140 would prohibit school employers and county colleges from entering into a subcontracting agreement that affects the employment of those already covered by a negotiated contract during its term.  Too often, ESPs live under the threat of privatization and subcontracting despite already having an agreement.  Staff who provide vital services to students deserve stability.  What’s more, a contract should be binding on both parties—not severed by new agreements with third parties.  This bill would not prevent privatization and subcontracting, but only ensures that an employer acts in good faith and honors the contract after it is ratified.

Together, S993/A631 and S2303/A4140 would ensure fairness and job justice for the Educational Support Professionals that are essential to providing a first-rate learning environment for students in our public education system.

NJEA asks that you VOTE YES on S993/A631 and S2303/A4140.


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