S3770  A6118

Establishes “New Jersey Economic and Fiscal Policy Review Commission” to provide ongoing review of State and local tax structure, economic conditions, and related fiscal issues        

S3770 (Sarlo, Oroho, Sweeney) / A6118 (Greenwald)   NJEA opposes this last-ditch effort to create a permanent so-called “Path to Progress” panel.  Continuing to attack public employees is a disgrace.  NJEA believes that the state should instead focus on increasing funding for our schools and securing wages and benefits for our hardworking school employees.  New Jersey has the best public schools in the nation—thanks to the dedication and tireless efforts of tens of thousands of educators across the state.  Our members do this work despite repeated attacks on both their dignity and their livelihood.  It’s past time our dedicated public servants be shown the respect they deserve.  These attacks must stop.

NJEA urges you to OPPOSE S3770 and A6118.

Text of bill S 3770

Text of bill A 6118




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