SJR 51

New Jersey State Commission on Urban Violence

NJEA supports SJR-51 (Gill, Singleton, Cunningham) which would establish the “New Jersey State Commission on Urban Violence” to study the sources and causes of urban violence in New Jersey.  The commission would consist of members representing state and local officers and officials, law enforcement, professional organizations, academics, labor, and faith-based associations.  This resolution requires the commission to file two interim reports with the Governor and the Legislature detailing its progress, and a final report would be issued within 18 months.

Violent crimes continue to afflict cities across the state.  As a result, children, families and entire communities live in constant fear.  Meaningful ways to confront urban violence must be sought.  The commission would be an important step towards combating this crisis, as well as addressing its underlying social and economic issues.

As a designated member of the commission, NJEA believes that keeping children safe is paramount and is committed to working with communities to create secure urban environments.  We recognize that a thorough analysis of the causes of urban violence is needed in order to provide relief to all those impacted.

NJEA urges you to vote “yes” on SJR-51.

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