Congress failed to find a permanent legislative solution for our nation’s Dreamers.

Enough is enough. The time is now for Republican leaders to stop playing politics with the lives of Dreamers. By failing to seize the opportunity to protect Dreamers, they leave behind a trail of unmeasurable uncertainty and anxiety among students, educators, and families. Not taking action now—when there are bipartisan compromises in the Senate and the House, supported by an overwhelming majority of Americans—is irresponsible, unjust and puts the lives of young people at risk.

This is not the America we know and this is no way to govern.

The consequences of inaction are hurting real people. One hundred and twenty DACA recipients are losing their protected status each day that goes by without action. More than 15,000 DACA recipients have already lost their protected status—including educators—due completely to the cruel and anti-immigrant action by Donald Trump to revoke that protection.

It is time for Congress to get to work on solving the pressing matters before our nation. The laundry list of unresolved issues is long and growing. Whether kicking the can down the road about how to pay the federal government’s bills, finding a permanent legislative fix to protect Dreamers, providing insurance for millions of low-income children and thousands of pregnant women, funding disaster relief, or failing to keep the federal government open, the fault lies with Trump and Congressional Republican leaders.

Tell Trump and the Republicans leaders enough is enough.


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