Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will unite our country, protect our public schools and invest in the success of every student. With Biden’s wife, Dr. Jill Biden— an educator and longtime NEA member—educators will have a friend and colleague in the White House.

Biden and Harris respect educators and are committed to ensuring we have a seat at the decision-making table and providing the support we need and have earned. They know that a return on America’s success starts with an investment in public education, supporting universal pre-k for all, tripling the Title I (IDEA) investments for students with disabilities, providing nutritious meals to students at risk of going hungry, and tuition-free community college.

Biden and Harris are committed to attracting and retaining the most qualified educators by supporting pay raises, improving emergency paid leave and expanding student loan forgiveness programs.

Biden and Harris agree that we must listen to doctors and scientists on when to reopen school buildings and listen to educators and parents on how best to support our students during and coming out of these tough times.

Biden and Harris will defend public education from those who want to divert funds into voucher schemes that subsidize unaccountable private schools or use tax-dollars to expand charter schools; and they support more community schools for an additional 300,000 students. As State Attorney General, Harris also investigated a for-profit charter school company for false advertising, inflated attendance numbers and financial mismanagement.

Biden and Harris are committed to listening to diverse voices, bringing leaders together and being honest about what it takes to deliver justice for all. Their “Lift Every Voice” plan to dismantle systemic racism would close economic opportunity gaps, improve access to high-quality public education and double the number of nurses, counselors and parental engagement staff that better serve student needs.

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