AJR 172 

Establishes task force to study racial bias within criminal justice system

AJR 172 (Speight) As educators, NJEA’s 200,000 members bear a great responsibility for shaping society. We work with children and young people as they are forming their values and world view. We have a duty and responsibility to work for a better and more just world for our students.

NJEA takes that duty very seriously and has consciously made it a core part of the organization’s mission as part of our advocacy for our members, our students and our public schools. As an organization, we are committed to using our collective voice to reveal and demand change to policies, programs, and practices that condone or ignore unequal treatment or create racist or cultural barriers upon which institutional racism is predicated.

Therefore, NJEA supports AJR172, and we look forward to continuing to work with the Assembly to end racism in our schools and our state.  


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