Political Action Contribution (PAC)

NJEA PAC is NJEA’s political action fund, and it helps elect pro-public education candidates in races for Governor and for the state Legislature. It endorses candidates based on their positions and voting records on issues of concern to you.

As a school employee, you want law makers who support NJEA’s efforts to:

  • Protect tenure
  • Protect your rights
  • Protect school funding

Face it, every decision—from pensions and privatization, to salaries and benefits—is a decision made by people who hold public office. The only way to influence these decisions is to elect candidates who support our public schools and you, our public school employees.

One of the best ways to make sure we elect the right candidates is to give them the financial support they need to win. In turn, to be effective, NJEA PAC depends on your voluntary contributions.

NJEA PAC Guidelines

NJEA PAC prides itself on having a sound, fair, and democratic process leading up to the endorsement of a candidate. The purpose of the process is to identify the candidate most supportive of NJEA’s legislative program. Endorsing and electing candidates who support NJEA’s goals significantly increases the association’s ability to effectively advocate for favorable legislation and stop negative legislation.

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Manage your PAC Contribution

Donate to PAC

Here’s how easy it is to make that investment:

  • Manage your PAC contribution using the online form above, OR
  • Request an APD (that means “automatic payroll deduction”) form from your local leader or building rep. Fill it out, sign it, and send it to:
    180 West State St.
    Trenton, NJ 08608

This will allow your contribution to be deducted automatically from your paycheck each month.

Figure out an amount you can afford to give. We’re asking for a contribution of at least $3.00 a month. Remember, you’re paying five dollars for a cup of coffee.


Top Ten Excuses for not Giving to NJEA PAC

I am a Republican/Democrat.

We support candidates in both parties.

I oppose NJEA positions on social issues.

Our primary issues, by far, are education and member/bargaining rights.

My spouse does not understand the value.

Giving to PAC protects the interests of your job and, therefore, your whole family.

I don’t like candidates you’ve supported in the past.

Members screen the candidates and recommend those who most strongly support public schools.

I don’t think educators should be involved in politics.

Politicians make every decision about education, your retirement, and your benefits.

I can’t afford it.

Give what you can afford.

I already pay union dues.

By law, dues money cannot be used for partisan political campaigns.

I give to other charities.

We are NOT a charity. We protect your rights and benefits.

I give directly to candidates.

This dilutes NJEA’s lobbying efforts.

No, I don’t think so.

Think again. We’re talking about your future.
Stop making excuses. Protect your job and your future. Make your contribution to NJEA PAC today.