How does NJEA decide which candidates to support?

By supporting candidates for public offices who believe in public schools and public school employees, we can make sure that we are empowering the right people to make these decisions for us.

Regardless of whether the election is for federal, state or local offices, all decisions to endorse candidates are made solely by NJEA members.

In each case, candidates are given the opportunity to share their views by filling out a questionnaire and/or meeting with a local screening committee of NJEA members that reflects the diversity of our membership.

The local screening committee votes on whether to recommend candidates for endorsement.

NJEA PAC Operating Committee

In state elections, the recommendations of the local interview team are considered and voted upon by the NJEA PAC Operating Committee. This is a committee made up of 125 NJEA members currently serving our association as an NJEA officer, county president, or as a member of NJEA’s Executive, Government Relations, or Congressional Contact committees. The NJEA Preservice president, as well as several New Jersey Retirees’ Education Association (NJREA) representatives, also serve on the NJEA PAC Operating Committee.

In federal elections, the NJEA PAC Operating Committee uses the same process to recommend candidates for final approval to the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education.

★ Local and county associations can make endorsements in races within their jurisdiction if they get approval from their membership to initiate the process, create a screening committee that is inclusive of the entire association, and give all major party candidates the opportunity to be screened. Upon making an endorsement, presidents or LAT chairs can request assistance for endorsed candidates through the web apps tool on